We would like to succeed together and support you with a good service.

A simple ordering process, short delivery times, skilled graphic designers and an interesting offer of samples help us to achieve this.

Ordering process

Orders are placed through the online configurator, which allows a simple ordering process.

We sell only to resellers and not directly to clubs or to other end customers.

Delivery time and schedules

Our delivery time is three weeks from definitive order confirmation. Preliminary the design-proposal and the sample need to be confirmed.

CUSTOM DESIGN - 100% tailored design

Do you want products with your desired basic design? You can create such orders with the online configurator as well.

Logos and colors

The online order process offers the possibility to position logos on the single designs. Almost all common format types of logos are supported.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of colors: our standard color chart for the creation of the basic design. For the logos, you can either select the colors from our standard color chart or you can specify a pantone color.

Minimum Quantities

The minimum quantity per order is 15 pieces. For repeat orders, also single items can be ordered with a surcharge.

Sample order

You have the option to choose between our standard sample collection or a personalized sample collection. On the standard sample collection, you get a discount of 50%, while the discount on the personalized assortment is 30%.

Marketing Tools

We are working on our joint success. As a support, we offer you various tools to present the products to your clients successfully.

Federation rules and trademark rights

For professional teams it is very important to get informed about the national federation rules before placing an order (for example allowed size and quantity of logos). We cannot be held liable for the breach of any of those regulations.

Even when creating the design proposal, we ask you to clarify that you do not violate trademark rights (for example when using the logos).