Delivery time and schedules

Our delivery time is three weeks from definitive order confirmation. To ensure a timely order processing, two preceding steps have to be completed swiftly: design-proposal and sample.


Once you submit us your draft, it takes two days to develop the final high definition design-proposal and to upload it to the website.


After the confirmation of the design, we start producing the samples. The schedules are as follows:

Ordered quantity Type of sample Time schedule
0-25 No sample -
26-60 Upload of photos of the printed fabric 2 working days
61-140 We send a printed fabric 3 working days
From 141 We send a finished sample 4 working days

Definitive order confirmation

Once you confirm the sample, you will get the definitive order confirmation within a maximum of 2 days.

Joint Collaboration

Our goal is a good relationship with our clients. Through the exchange of accurate information, the correspondence can be reduced to a minimum and the efficiency can be increased.
Shouldn’t we be able to comply with our schedule, we kindly ask you to inform your contact person and our sales manager.